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The K8 (Kangen 8) is Enagic's most powerful antioxidant machine - featuring 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates for improved water ionization and increased antioxidant production potential.

K8 Overview

The K8 is Enagic®’s newest LeveLuk machine. With its 8 plates, it creates water with more antioxidants than any other LeveLuk model.

Its touch screen allows you to easily navigate between strong alkaline water, all 3 types of Kangen Water®, clean water, acidic water and strong acidic water.

It has a pH range of 2.5-11.5.

You can enjoy your Kangen Water® machine in any country, thanks to its worldwide multi-voltage power supply and interchangeable plug capability (sold separately). If you're looking for a powerful and versatile machine with plenty of user-friendly and energy-saving automated features, the K8 is for you.

The K8 is full of new user-friendly features!

Auto On/Off

The smart Kangen® shuts down on it's own to conserve energy.

Plug & Play

No more switch! Just plug the machine in and start generating water.

Automatic Cleaning

Water drains for 10 seconds after 10 minutes of use.

Smart Filter Technology

Let your machine tell you when it's time to change filters.

K8 - Higher Antioxidant Power.jpg

Higher Antioxidant Power

The mighty K8 is a mighty antioxidant producer! The K8 water ionizer generates a continuous stream of 5 versatile types of water to meet all your versatile commercial needs: Strong Kangen Water, Kangen Water®, Neutral Water, Beauty Water, and Strong Acidic Water.

K8 - Full Colour LCD Panel.jpg

Full Colour LCD Panel

The K8 is extremely user-friendly, thanks to a large full color LCD panel and clear voice prompts. With just a touch of a button, you can have access to any of the 5 waters you choose. Your machine will confirm the water you have selected with a pleasant voice, and in moments the machine will generate healthy, ionized water through a flexible pipe.

K8 - 8 Titanium Plates.jpg

8 Titanium Plates

The K8 is similar to Enagic's Flagship SD501, but it contains an extra platinum-coated titanium plate. The additional plate means improved water ionization, increase antioxidant production potential, and stable production of pH and ORP at a higher flow rate. The K8 is great for small businesses and families.

K8 - Speaks Eight Languages.jpg

Speaks Eight Languages

8 Language Display and Audio in Japanese, English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Product Specifications

Electrode plates:                                    8                                                                

Plate size: (mm)                                      135 x 75                                                     

Negative ORP: (mV)                                 -722                                                          

Generates:                                             5 water types                                             

pH Range:                                              2.5 - 11.5                                                     

Wattage: (W)                                           230                                                            

Total weight: (kg)                                    5                                                               

Dimensions W x Diameter: (mm)           279 x 345 x 147                                            

Production rate: (l/min)                          Kangen Water®: 4.5 - 7.6
                                                             Acidic Water: 1.5 - 2.6
                                                             Strong Acidic Water: 0.6 - 1.1                      

Ease of Use:                                           Fully automatic, very simple to operate     

Languages:                                             8                                                               

Warranty: (years)                                     5                                                               

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